> Principal of OOPS
		- Encapsulation - Keep the data and code which manupilates the code safe
		- Inheritance - Is a process that allows Attributes and Methods to be inheritaded to another class
		- Polimorphism - Quality of and object to take on many forms
		- Abstraction - Technique to show some details and hide other details

	> Page object model is a design model that used the OOPS
	Advanatage of Page Object Model is separet element and interactions from test scripts
	> Benefits of Page object model design model
		- Reusability
		- Readibility
		- Maintainability Parallel testing and Data Driven testing
	> Parallel testing - TestNG has test attribrute - Parallel
		- It can be applied to Classes, Methods and Tests
	> Data Driven testing
		- Needs "Data provider" attribrute
		- Test script requires dataProvider attribrute
			-> Allows us to send data in the same class
		- DataProviderClass attribrute
			-> Allows to send data from other classes